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  1. Gen 2
    Looking for OEM shocks source for my ‘01. 165,00 mi. On originals. Bone stock ride.
  2. Gen 2 Parts
    QA1 Double Adjustable Shocks Front and Rear 0 Miles Were Installed then removed for Stock Shocks. $900 Shipped USA Only Not Parting, No Trades These are on National Back order for Minimum 2 months. Save $200 and the wait time.
  3. Gen 2 Lightnings
    Any one run the Viking coilovers or the shocks on their trucks? Do you guys recommend them? My current set up Stifflers UCA & LCA Ground Force lowering springs w/ isolator you front and just a drop shackle in the back (Really wanna get those Fiber glass leafs before I do anything else in the...
1-3 of 3 Results