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  1. Alternator Replacement

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    Unfortunately, my truck broke down today. The ABS light came on, the turn signals went from flashing fast to not working at all, and the battery light came on. Also, it made the dreaded clicking noise when attempting to start. Thus, I am assuming it is time for a new alternator. However, when I...

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    I have a badly behaved 1999 Lightning (137k miles) that is giving me a real hard time............and I'm running out of ideas. When I got the damned thing, it was running bad, misfiring and making next to no power, and it had a couple of trouble codes. I changed out the spark plugs (poor...
  3. 2003 DSG 57k Miles **SOLD!**

    Trucks for sale
    2003 Ford Lightning 57k miles Las Vegas, NV I've owned the truck since January of 2013 and it has been an amazing truck. I'm a technician by trade and anyone who knows me knows how meticulous I am with my vehicles. They get driven and serviced like they were meant to. The only existing mod...
  4. 93 lightning running issues

    Gen 1 Lightnings
    Hey guys, I’m new here, I have a Harley f-150 and recently bought a 93 Lightning so I was stoked to find this forum! I have been trying to get this lightning to run right ever since I bought it 2 months ago. I tired to get it scammed but it would not read codes (I later found out ecu was bad) so...
  5. Kenne Bell 2.6 stock block

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    Anyone else running 15# of boost from their 2.6 kenne bell on a stock block? I’ve got some supporting mods: Fluidyne single pass heat exchanger, dual 255 Walbro fuel pumps, larger aluminum radiator with a fan kit, 60lb injectors, magnaflow exhaust, etc. I currently have a 4lb lower and a stock...
  6. Passport Escort 8500 X50 "BLUE"

    Gen 2 Parts The Best Radar Detector on the Market. "More Expensive Blue Display" I bought this radar/lazar detector about a year ago. I used it MAYBE 5 times. I just dont really ever speed unless at the track so i never use it. I need...
  7. OEM Soft Ford Bed Cover Like New - Tonneau Cover

    Gen 2 Parts
    The original owner of my truck replaced the stock cover with a speedsturr cover after a couple months use in 2003 and it has been in a garage ever since. Comes with all the parts, 2 side rails, 1 rear rail, 2 support bars and the cover. It has been rolled up for 5 years but it should stretch...
  8. Am I getting ripped off?

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    I need someone with a stock 2003 L to look at their power steering gear box for me. There are 3/4" numbers cast into the housing. They are visible from the bottom in the center of the box underneath the adjustment screw. I think a shop has put an aftermarket gearbox for a regular F150 on my L...
  9. Custom Airbrushed Lightning T-Shirts for SALE!!

    FLRC (Florida Lightning Rodder Club.)
    HOT airbrushed Lightning T-Shirts for sale with three designs, two prices and a choice of two titles. Please allow 4-5 days before shipping depending on demand. Please specify your size (2x and up add $3), the title you want and the design on front or back. Anyone who is interested can...
  10. New from Louisiana

    Hey whats up guys im looking to meet up with some more people from La and get some ideas and basic knowledge. Im also looking for a group to go on the Crusin the Coast with.