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  1. Help getting started!!

    Gen 1 Lightnings
    Hello It’s time to bring my truck back to life. It’s a bone stock 94’ Gen1. I’ve owned this truck since 96’ it’s got 70k miles on it now and has been sitting for quite some time! Anyway I’ve been buying parts for it over the last couple years in hopes of fixing it up. Lots of work to do...
  2. 99 lightning build help

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    Hi I’m building a 99 lightning and need some help with a few things. Where does this ground go?Where does this vac box go?Whats this and where does it go? I appreciate any and all help thanks
  3. 2003 F150 Lightning Sudden Deep Noise

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    Hey guys I'm new to this website but I thought I would give it a try because I have a sudden problem with my truck.I was doing a pull with my truck and mid pull my truck got suddenly really loud, no lights have turned on but I'm really worried now