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  1. Help getting started!!

    Gen 1 Lightnings
    Hello It’s time to bring my truck back to life. It’s a bone stock 94’ Gen1. I’ve owned this truck since 96’ it’s got 70k miles on it now and has been sitting for quite some time! Anyway I’ve been buying parts for it over the last couple years in hopes of fixing it up. Lots of work to do...
  2. How do I make 400hp N/A

    Gen 1 Lightnings
    I've been wanting to make the truck faster. But not really knowing what would be the best way; All motor? Boosted? or Nitrous? I have settled on all motor, but in the dark as where to start, I could really use some help as to where to start and what would be the best combo for low end torque and...
  3. Stock Ford 19lb/hr injectors w/ new bag of MSD O Ring's

    Gen 1 Parts
    have stock injectors up for sale, i bought new ones so no longer need these, the caps will need replaced on them as they are original. i bought a new pack of MSD O rings but then decided to upgrade injectors. Injectors worked fine on my truck with no issues! Asking $40 shipped OBO
  4. Gen 1 stock cam questions

    Gen 1 Lightnings
    Does a 1994 lightning have a stock roller or flat tappet cam in it?