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ford lightning for sale

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    Preferably Red, Blue, or White in that order. 17k and under. Mileage isn't my biggest concern to be honest. If I can get a low mileage L then I'll leave it mostly stock but if I get a high mileage L then I will build it. Just want to make sure the body is sound and the interior is in good shape...
  2. Gen 2 Lightnings
    I have an 03 lightning that has engine knock and it just got it’s head gaskets done and new timing set with all oem gaskets, it has Dynatech headers, bassani exhaust, upper and lower pulley, Has a subwoofer and sparco seats, I just want to get rid of it how much you think I can get?
  3. Trucks for sale
    39,000 miles 90 mm mass air , jlp traction bars,new nitto tires, dynatech haeders, bassani exhaust, new ngk plugs, 6 lb lower pulley,2.8 upper pulley, diablo flip chip, single blade throttle body, 3"harwood hood, stainless plenum, overflow tank, and intercooler tank, ram air induction ,valve...