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  1. 93 lightning running issues

    Gen 1 Lightnings
    Hey guys, I’m new here, I have a Harley f-150 and recently bought a 93 Lightning so I was stoked to find this forum! I have been trying to get this lightning to run right ever since I bought it 2 months ago. I tired to get it scammed but it would not read codes (I later found out ecu was bad) so...
  2. 02 Harley truck for sale

    Trucks for sale
    I have an 02 supercharged Harley Davidson f150 with 79,000 miles. It is all stock except for the boost bypass. Super clean truck, when i bought it the previous owner had sold the factory wheels so it has a brand new set of after market 20inch Harley wheels and tires. Has an after market exhaust...
  3. My '02 at the track....

    The Killing Fields
    Me vs my little brother: New Mustang GT: Import: