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What brand of rear shocks are those / and where did you get them ?? Thanks brother !!
They are Penske 7500s. I have them up front also. The shop ordered them through their supplier. They are not off the shelf items, they have to built because they are custom valved for the vehicle.

looks awesome. Whats are the details on the suspension?
The front has Stifflers upper and lower control arms. Stock spring perches are cut in half to allow mounting the longer shocks (my front and rear shocks are the same length). Belltech spindles and sway bars front and rear. Rear is a completely refreshed 8.8, all Ford racing parts built by the local race track guru. It is mounted via a custom three link designed and built by J2 speed and Custom in Omaha. Watts link is from Michigan Metal Works, but with mounts made specific for this truck. The MMW watts link mounts are actually repurposed into my front shock mounts.
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