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  1. Parts, is not Parts! Factory used parts. 2004 Complete Part out!

    Gen 2 Parts
    Will you message me the VIN so I can mark it as TOTALED on my build lists? Thanks. GLWS
  2. Stifflers transmission cross member

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    Yes, it is designed to tie into the x-brace. Install instructions and the item itself have just not been added to the site because they have just recently been released.
  3. We Are Now Live - Community Feedback

    LightningRodder AutoGuide Forum Support / Help
    The "How To" articles/pics are part of the foundation of this site for the Lightning and HD enthusiasts. If those are gone....well holy crap... Stoffer, I think I'll be looking to another site to move my build lists. Probably NLOC....
  4. stifflers brake lines

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    Thank you for the kind words...and all the "shout-outs" from everyone. Always here to help if I can...
  5. Stifflers should make a Panhard Bar

    Innovative Performance Technologies (IPT)
    I will chime in...... This is one of the products I have been trying to get him to build for some years. He already knows how to make one that would work correctly. Please understand that I am not knocking anyone's product or anything, but we have yet to see a panhard bar that is designed as...
  6. Jimmy Dolan sold the YeTTi

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    :smt021 :smt021
  7. Mecum Auction of Gen2s

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    I posted this on Facebook, but putting it here for you non-social peeps (lol). So, folks have been wondering what the value is of our the price is trending. HERE IS SOME VALUABLE INFO. On April 6, Mecum auctioned six Gen 2 Lightnings. #1, Red 2002, all original, 1,866 miles...
  8. Stifflers Chassis Stiffening System

    Gen 2 Parts
    Shipping on this will require two oversize dimensional boxes. UPS charges are probably going to be $150 and up, depending on where you are going to ship it.
  9. Stifflers Front End Components with Coilovers

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    I will give you my very best and honest opinion. I am a dealer (and Stifflers has my truck now knocking out some new stuff), .....but I don't just try to sell something that people do not need. I have actually told people they don't need uppers...or something else... If you are looking for the...
  10. Mecum to auction Gen 2 Lightnings

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    That truck used to belong to LightningDawg on here...
  11. wtb race stars

    WTB: Wanting TO BUY Gen I/II parts
    Are you in Ohio? If so, whereabouts? I am in Illinois and have rears...
  12. I am the first

    Gen 2 Lightnings
  13. I am the first

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    This is the weight of a coil over LCA during development. There are 4 metal sleeves on there instead of two (oops), and I am not for sure if this is the final product in DOM material. You ARE the first person to run this setup. CONGRATS ! Glad you got it all worked out and are satisfied.
  14. Stifflers Chassis Stiffening System

    Gen 2 Parts
    As a Stifflers dealer, I will mention if you make a successful sale on this and the buyer finds he is missing some hardware, they can feel free to reach out to me and I'll help them get what they need. Looks like everything is there to me though.
  15. Stifflers Adjustable Upper Control Arms

    Gen 2 Lightnings
  16. Advice on Brake Issue

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    Thanks Jeff. Yeah, I sell the Stifflers lines, which are at LEAST comparable in quality to the Russel lines...but cheaper. I am glad to see OP has found his problem. Lot of times we replace the expensive stuff, only to find out it is the cheapest cog in the wheel that is the problem.
  17. Advice on Brake Issue

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    I had a Taurus SHO many years ago (biggest piece of crap that existed after it hit 60,000 miles). Had trouble with a caliper sticking. I found that my soft lines were collapsing on the inside and not allowing fluid to return. The lines looked fine on the outside.
  18. Anyone else got a black friday list going?

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    Thank you for the kind words. And, yes, Stifflers makes wonderful parts. :bigtu
  19. Lost my Lightning

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    I dunno. Weren't my cars. In the parking lot at a previous job.
  20. Lost my Lightning

    Gen 2 Lightnings
    Yes please. If you don't know the build number or anything, I can call SVT and get it using the VIN.
1-20 of 470 Results