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  • sgm77 ·

    Man I love you 10 Sec Lightning clips. That's about as far as I would care to go with it at this moment. At this moment I'm rebuilding my Lightning...again. Cast Iron Block,Manley Pistons, Diamond 15 cc dish, bored .030 over, steel rings, racing bearing, 10# lower, 2.8 upper on a home "steggy" port. should be able to push 18# with the KillerChiller. Running about 9.2:1 comp ratio. I do have a zex 125 safeshot that I rarely use. Judging from my last dyno, I should be able to pull off 570+ rwhp/ 700+ rwtq. Sent the heads off to be groomed at Manny's. Stage 3 port/polish, ss valves, the new blower cam from Comp Cam XE262BH, adjustable gears, 2400 stall from Manny's, Valve body from JLP, Complete longtube exhaust from longtubes to tips. Air Bag rear suspension, SCT X3, Big AIR MAF, electric name a few of the things. Any other modifications/suggestions that will get me at your level on the track? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    SonicB03 ·
    clear your PMs shag I cant respond to you via pm.... but JL told me the heads were 43cc....and all the compression ratio calculators on google not one came out the same. so im lost. just pm me back haha
    Nolo ·
    hey man thanks for telling me where i could find the foglight thing. did the work myself and worked perfectly.
    Jon ·
    hey man i saw your truck on here over the weekend. it said "hemi killer" on the back window? i have to say you have THE nicest lightning i've ever seen!
    Buzz ·
    I paused and then said "i have a gold fish"... he was like "WHAT" i then said ohhh i thought we were talking about shit that doesnt matter

    /\ i am proud and honored to have made it into you sig. thank you. my life is now complete. lol
    georgia31501 ·
    hey how does everyone get the pics on the bottom of there comments look the way they do,like yours has lightning around it and all,how do u do that
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