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  • LT-1SS ·
    New here. I don't currently have a Lightning I signed up to try and find my dads old 1st gen. it is a black 93 model he bought it new in Amarillo, Tx and had up until he passed in early 2000, it was then sold in Abilene, Tx to help cover his Final cost.. I have tracked it down to Florida but can't find a name or address on it. I have the vin# and any help will be greatly appreciated. The vin is 1FTDF15R3PLA60232 you can reach me by phone # 325-829-0198 my name is Joe thanks in advance
    3653 owner ·
    Hey Jeff just an update on the long bars, I went out today and found the passenger side bar i could twist it with the nuts tight, I loosened them and tightened it to where it had good resistance, then tightened the nuts back up, then i went to drivers t as so tight I couldn't twist it at all, even with the nuts loose, I got a pair of channel locks and loosened it up to where I thought it had about the same amount of torque as the other side. I haven't driven it yet, so I'll let you know if that fixed it. Appreciate your help. Keith
    5.4 F150 ·
    Hey Jeff, was speaking to a friend of mine and he recommended I try to get a set of the MAD Enterprise Sway Bar End-Links by Stiffler's. Are these still available? If so, how much are they?
    Thanks, Sean
    Smw142 ·
    Hey man just dropping a line we talked a few times over a year ago my truck is coming along nicely, I kindof had it on the back burner for awhile funds was tight for a lil while but back at it. Ive been putting eibach spings all new moog a-arms upper and lower, all new bushing front and rear sway bars, moog pittman arm and idler arm, bought some new 20 inch rep wheels, sctx4 4 pound lower with a custom tune. Just to name a few lol, just dropping a line saying hey hit me up sometime when ya get a chance
    LakuSVT ·
    once again thank you for the long bars and the pan hard for the mustang and L excellent service and I will be a returning customer
    outlawjames2 ·
    I am happy that he would like to see it. It looks great iam going to try an call them when i get the front half off or sent them pic. After seen all the frame damage right behind of the brace there is no dout in my mine that it worked .It cracked the frame at the front of the leaf spring mount.The x brace stops there. Iam going to put it on the 99 . I wish I had it on when my boy was in it.( luck for me, he dont have a problem with the truck getting away from him) Its the best thing for these trucks after seening one wrecked at both ends.And they were running the shit out of the old girl when it happened. The main leaf spring on the past. sde is bent up like the arch of St. Leuie.Damnest thing ive ever seen on a spring.
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