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  • FuriousFord ·
    Do you still carry arp 2000 256-4201 head studs? If so how much shipped to 77076?

    Also looking to buy.
    156-2501 balancer bolt
    156-5202 side bolts
    254-2901 flex plate bolts
    256-1002 (2pkg) cam bolts
    771-1003 (4pkg)header bolts
    sickg35coupe ·
    hi buddy, I have heard nothing but great news about you =).I spoke to you about 3 weeks ago and you said you would sell the xcal 3 with unlimited tunning for 309.00 .I have a couple questions about my plans ,I have a 2003 ford lightning with just a jlt intake and a stock exhaust that has an exhaust leak =(.I want to know if you can give me some what of a better than stock tune and I will soon have a 6 pound lower with maff and want to know if you can give me two tunes .or any suggestions would be greatly appreciaated
    lockportdon ·

    I noticed my credit card has not been charged yet

    also I just ordered a valve body from blowerslut just in case it affects the tune trans line pressure
    osmar ·
    Hi JJ I sent you data logs last Friday I have not herd back please let me know an update if at least you received them
    Bgstew6 ·
    THanks year closer to the Grave LOL and punching out tomorrow at 0400, on the road up till Friday night training some Recon Marines and USN Riveriner's.
    lightning25 ·
    hey JJ,
    I shot you an e-mail the other day to your aol account, but some of my e-mails haven't been going through and I just want to make sure you got it.

    Sean Brydges
    markcameron ·
    I want to change my valve body and told your the person to hook me up.
    Can you tell me what they cost and also to ship it to the UK
    My shipping address is
    7b Highland road
    WR4 9RR

    Do you have them in stock? and how long to ship?
    How would you want paying? I can call you with card details if needed. My card is registered to my address above.

    Many thanks

    Mark Cameron
    boosted expy ·
    i did the l swap on my n/a expedition many years ago. i am starting to have issues. install happened at 80k. 1st motor lasted until 130k. scored piston wall. installed a used n/a motor w/62k miles. re-did the dyno tune w/my original tuner just to make sure everything was ok. 8k miles later, i have a burnt valve(s). i have another n/a motor going in in a little over a week. that one has 82k miles. i am dropping down to a +4 lower instead of a +6.
    i was talking to mike dunn and he said you are the man for converted tuning. my current tuner said i am running too much boost, and that the tune is fine. another tuner somewhat nearby said that he believes it is the tune, and the stock n/a block can handle 12 psi. he will dyno-tune me for free b/c of all my issues. i have not blown any rods or pistons. kinda stuck on what to do. looking to get your view. thanks. btw, pm box is full!!

    doitonall4s ·
    ok so im changin my ind and jsut gonna buy yer wicked fuel system after payday on thursday.

    do you take money orders? thatd be the fastest way for me to get you the money. what do you need to know for when youre making it? and what will the total be shipped to 54457?

    its an 01 L
    3.4L whipple.
    built engine

    gonna need it as soon as possible so im tryin to get all the details worked out early so it can get here with less hassle

    thanks JJ


    pm me back. yer pm inbox is full
    SMOKE ·
    HEY JJ , I'm looking to upgrade my intake system from 9" filter to 12" & SB throttlebody. I know magnumpowers makes a big oval one but not sure if this is to much for stockblock with 4lb & ported Eaton. I also would like to change the intake-tube elbow. Do I need to port my plenum also, or just buy a C&L Plenum. I also would like your advice on a tuner because this crummy state has now made a chip impossible to run because, the emmissions police can now detect the chip and fail the truck. I have one of Sals 4way chips which I love and never had a problem with it at all. So what I'm being told by fellow l owners is to try the SCT TUNER AND GET A MAF EXTENDER INSTEAD OF A 2600 SCT MAF. I have an 02L with ported Eaton/4lb pulley, would like ur advice to remedy this emissions issue. I'll be talking with TITTS Paul their is pretty up on L's also. thanx for any info you can give me. Mike
    Curb Stomper ·
    JJ, Thanks again for the I/C pump.
    I may need some transmission work done,i have a leak from the front seal of the torque converter and i wanted to speak with you about it.
    Give me a call.thanks.
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