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  • plosey68 ·
    I'm interested in a battery upgrade kit. I won't have the money until payday on Jan. 17th Do you have plenty available? Can you hold one for me until then. I sure would appreciate it, this would be my third purchase form you, because I truly enjoy your products, I think they are top notch.

    So if you can hold on to a stock batty upgrade kit that would be awesome.

    Thank you,

    chesster51 ·
    Very interested in your forthcoming fuel pump wiring upgrade kit. I don't visit the forum much anymore, but will definitely be looking out for this.

    Thanks, Rick
    EvilEvoIX ·
    I have to pull the motor out to do heads and cams? That's crazy. The previous owner melted pistons so it was Built by Doug Meyer out in PA. I believe it has H-Beam manly rods and JE pistons. Are good heads expensive? Johnny Lightning says to just get his ported heads and his full exhaust. currently I make 390/505 to the wheels.
    EvilEvoIX ·
    That's great! I've already visited Johnny and he retuned my lightning as it previously only had an email tune. What I am stuck on is if I should go with heads and a full exhaust or just a bigger blower. My blower is ported but I see that the heads on these things don't flow too well so an upgrade to that with proper headers and a catless system would really wake it up.
    EvilEvoIX ·
    Hey local guy new to the Lightning game. I have an 01 with a built bottom end and a ported blower. Any advice for next mods?
    2003HD ·
    Good morning sir...

    You wouldn't happen to have a stock air box system for an '02-'03 Harley Davidson 150 laying around you'd like to get rid of would you? How's that super-car motor build coming? Thanks again for your time.

    LINO ·
    Hi Josh, happy new year! I see you selling some stuff, by any chance, you have a set of coil pack screws?
    jmcdermo ·
    I was wondering if you had the part numbers for the aerospace brakes you used and what was needed to make them work

    alex villalon ·
    hey bro i saw the pictures of that killer air inlet. i have a 3.4 and have been looking to increase air flow. can you give the number to the shop that fabbed it for you? also, what mass air meter did you have to go with?
    califabricator ·
    hey man just stopping by to say thanks ditching those as soon as i can !!!
    please send a model number for borla if you can ...thanks bro
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