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  • bigdogcamwu ·

    I saw an old thread where you mentioned you have an ATI balancer was curious what hardware you used to attach the metco hub if that is what you are running?

    Thank you for your time
    Wipit ·
    Fade to black,
    I needed some advice from you.
    Some time ago I did the same thing you did by putting 15 " weld wheels in the back and fitted with m and h 390 drag radial.
    Now I like to do the front with the same wheel.
    I used a adapter for the rear. It has the mustang bolt pattern.
    I like to run skinnies up front.
    I need to find out if I need adapters again and what back spacing.

    I would really appreciate this.

    silver2000 ·
    Hey Bob, this is Cliff. Matt said you joined the Syndicate. Welcome! I need to get with you about your member gear, and a member meet October 21st at a resturant in Atlanta.
    Hit me up so I can give you all of the details (678) 640-5575
    chad.kirwan ·
    have never meet you but have heard lots. i know ed voska (eds01) i know i did not spell his name correctly. but you know him look forward to meeting you and others in the future
    Fade 2 Black ·
    I am 100% pleased with the kit. I do have a slight stumble (lean tip in) but ONLY running with 20 psi and 10* spark on pump gas, I'm quite sure that the much lower spark transition is causing it in the tune. On my normal street tune of 16* and 16 psi it runs perfect just as it did before.
    Fade 2 Black ·
    For the inlet and TB yes, the intake can be built for a few hundred bucks but I guess that's what's figured into the package price, I paid 1800 for the plenum/TB kit.
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