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  • chaos ·
    Hello guys and gals, i'm a proud owner of a 2001 black lightning. Looking forward to meeting fellow ford lovers. I'm from san antonio, my truck is pretty stock. Making iy my daily, but it needs a little cosmetic love. Very nice lightnings on this site!
    Rusty ·
    Thank you very much for your kind remarks. What impressed me the most was the
    way you have you Chickenwings Idlers set up in you signature. Very Cool Looks Good
    Please take care, I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot. Let us start over. Peace.

    Rusty :bigtu
    Razorman ·
    Rob, just saw your pic of your bike. damn thats ****in badass!.. awesome very nice.
    hope you have rode it in this nice weather we are so lucky to get. take care see you at the meet.
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