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  • five0merc ·
    All three if you don't mind. I really want a cannon exhuast but can't afford it right now. Building my motor so need something not so hard on the wallet.
    Next time you sign on,provide me with a tracking number.
    No excuse for not touching base with,none. You signed on & ignored me.
    x-rated ·
    Hi, how's your snow doing over there? Ours going away everyday and getting warmer. Can't wait to get my truck out of the garage and cleaned up. Before I get to enjoy it, I need to get a rear bearing fixed. How soon till you get yours on the road?
    x-rated ·
    2000 got it in 2005 from Kansas City off ebay. It only had 36000 miles on it and now it has 61000. It has oxidation coming through on the front of the hood.
    x-rated ·
    Snow means $$$ for you. I do touchup paint on cabs built at Angus Palm of Watertown. Snow prevents me from getting them with a forklift from outside. I just want it to be nice enough to open the garage door and work on my Lightning...gonna repaint it this summer.
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