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Don't know what to say for your first post? Make your first post in here and introduce yourself!
41.8K 1.7M
  • 41.8K
  • 1.7M

Gen 1 Lightnings

Discussion of the "First Generation" SVT Lightning (1993-95)
18.2K 2M
  • 18.2K
  • 2M

Gen 2 Lightnings

Discussion of the "Second Generation" SVT Lightning (1999-04)
1M 73M
  • 1M
  • 73M

Harley Davidson Edition F150

Discussion of the Harley Davidson Edition F150 (all years)
43.2K 3.4M
  • 43.2K
  • 3.4M

Hybrid Lightnings (Turbo Section)

Discussions on Turbo Setups
19.5K 1.7M
  • 19.5K
  • 1.7M

Lightning/HD Auto to Standard Conversion

Done the conversion or want to learn how, this is the section for you
2.2K 304K
  • 2.2K
  • 304K

Special Build Section

Got a Special Build, Special Ford, Special Something, this is the section...
7.5K 897K
  • 7.5K
  • 897K

Paint, Bodywork & Fabrication

A place to show off your Paint, Bodywork & Fabrication Skills.
1.5K 156K
  • 1.5K
  • 156K
Special Sections

NMRA Forum

Info about NMRA races, currently the only series that offers a lightning owner it's own class to run.
1.2K 154K
  • 1.2K
  • 154K

Bullrun "Rallying The World" [Team Struck Section]

Get all of your up to the minute info on "TEAM STRUCK" who will be participating in =The Bullrun=. proudly supports Team Struck!
1.1K 110K
  • 1.1K
  • 110K
How To & Tech

Gen 1 "How-To's"

Various "How-To" write ups for the Gen 1 Lightning.
297 132K
  • 297
  • 132K

Gen 2 & Harley "How-To's"

Various "How-To" write ups for the Gen 2 Lightning and Harley Davidson F-150.
7K 2.8M
  • 7K
  • 2.8M


Tips, Tricks, Suggestions / MP Superchargering 101
5K 672K
  • 5K
  • 672K

Drag Racing 101

Tips, Hints and Tricks for the Track
1.3K 272K
  • 1.3K
  • 272K

Auto Cross & Road Racing

391 75.7K
  • 391
  • 75.7K

Chips and Tuning Devices

Discussion of peformance chips, handheld tuners and other tuning devices
992 191K
  • 992
  • 191K

Car Audio & Security

Discussion of car audio & security (for our bolts!)
5.4K 615K
  • 5.4K
  • 615K

Auto Detail

Discussion of car care (washing, waxing, and everything in between!)
5.2K 531K
  • 5.2K
  • 531K

Tuners Forum

For those that do their own tuning... A place to ask questions, and help others that are learning to tune for themselves.
2.6K 356K
  • 2.6K
  • 356K
The Market Square


146 24.8K
  • 146
  • 24.8K

Classified Feedback Forum

Please tell us about your Buying & Selling experience in the LR Classifieds.
2.8K 277K
  • 2.8K
  • 277K

ebay/craigslist finds

5.7K 593K
  • 5.7K
  • 593K
  • 2.5K
  • 254K

Trucks for sale

Any year of SVT Lightning or Supercharged Harely Davidson Edition F150 FOR SALE...
18.5K 2.4M
  • 18.5K
  • 2.4M

Gen 1 Parts

Generation 1 Lightning parts for sale
2.1K 441K
  • 2.1K
  • 441K

Gen 2 Parts

Generation 2 Lightning parts for sale
132K 11M
  • 132K
  • 11M

S/C HD F150 Parts

Supercharged Harley Davidson Edition F150 parts for sale
4.8K 554K
  • 4.8K
  • 554K

The Flea market

Anything and everything.
13.5K 1.5M
  • 13.5K
  • 1.5M

Swap and Trade

Need parts ? Got something to trade ?
4.2K 437K
  • 4.2K
  • 437K

"Free Chit"

You heard right, Free Chit. FOR MEMBERS ONLY
1.2K 167K
  • 1.2K
  • 167K
  • 28.2K
  • 2.2M

WTB: Wanting TO Buy HD Parts

1.9K 223K
  • 1.9K
  • 223K
Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

A Placeto see all the Supporting Vendor's Specials.......
4.3K 534K
  • 4.3K
  • 534K
  • 28
  • 11.3K

Vendor Feedback Section

This Section is for Vendor Feedback (negative & positive). Only the Person giving the feedback and the Vendor involved will be allowed to post in that thread. All Threads & Post will be approved by staff and then remain here for all to read.
80 44K
  • 80
  • 44K

109 38.3K
  • 109
  • 38.3K
  • 1.1K
  • 128K
Community Help

LightningRodder AutoGuide Forum Support / Help

Post here if you have any question or require technical assistance on
5.3K 2.3M
  • 5.3K
  • 2.3M
Off Topic Section

General Chat

General topics of discussion... useless banter :)
345K 15.3M
  • 345K
  • 15.3M

Lightning Rodder TOTM

Where the best of the best get to hang their hats
3.5K 343K
  • 3.5K
  • 343K

Humor and Laughter

THe Place to put a smile on
16.1K 1.2M
  • 16.1K
  • 1.2M

The Killing Fields

Got a war (race) story? Post it up... [/flame suit on]
20.6K 1.5M
  • 20.6K
  • 1.5M

Photography/Photoshop/Media Section

Post um up, hack um up, track vids, whatever turns you on....
10.8K 840K
  • 10.8K
  • 840K

RIP Memorial Section (Our Lost Brothers & Sisters)

Build A Memorial Thread for our lost Brothers & Sisters here so they are never forgotten.
192 45.2K
  • 192
  • 45.2K

Testing... Testing...

This is the firing range where you can test out features of the forums (ie: sig checks, etc...) Have at it :)
6.8K 327K
  • 6.8K
  • 327K
Club Section and Regional Events

Club Section

Club Chat, News, Request your Section, etc...
121 31.1K
  • 121
  • 31.1K

FLRC (Florida Lightning Rodder Club.)

FLorida Lightning Owners
41.3K 2M
  • 41.3K
  • 2M
  • 880
  • 100K

Texas Lightning Rodders

Home of the Lightning Rodder Owners of Texas
65K 3M
  • 65K
  • 3M

Southern California Lightning Rodders

For local and nearby Harley, Gen 1 and Gen 2 Owners ** Please place all technical questions in the appropriate Main LR Section. Thank You **
6.5K 634K
  • 6.5K
  • 634K

Colorado Lightning Rodders

1.9K 142K
  • 1.9K
  • 142K

Louisiana Lightning Rodders

Home of the Original Coon Asses
19.4K 904K
  • 19.4K
  • 904K

Alabama Lightning Owners

Home of Alabama Lightning Rodder members
3.6K 234K
  • 3.6K
  • 234K

Carolina Lightning Rodders

Home of North and South Carolina Lightning Rodder members
3.3K 242K
  • 3.3K
  • 242K

Kentucky Lightning Rodders

553 52.5K
  • 553
  • 52.5K


Where the Okies Hang their Hats
6.5K 402K
  • 6.5K
  • 402K


Home of the SVT Syndicate
8.7K 477K
  • 8.7K
  • 477K

Military Owners

Section for Harley and Lightning Military Owners!
3.3K 258K
  • 3.3K
  • 258K

TNLR-Tennessee Lightning Rodder

20.8K 497K
  • 20.8K
  • 497K


Events for folks in the Northeastern part of the U.S. (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine)
8K 514K
  • 8K
  • 514K


Events for folks in the Northwestern part of the U.S. (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska)
15.4K 698K
  • 15.4K
  • 698K


Events for folks in the Mid_Atlantic part of the U.S. (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia)
4.6K 316K
  • 4.6K
  • 316K


Events for folks in the Midwestern part of the U.S. (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota)
5.2K 345K
  • 5.2K
  • 345K


Events for folks in the Southwestern part of the U.S. (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma)
1.7K 168K
  • 1.7K
  • 168K


Events for folks in the Southeastern part of the U.S. (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee)
2.4K 216K
  • 2.4K
  • 216K


Events for folks in the Western part of the U.S. (California, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada)
913 116K
  • 913
  • 116K


Events for folks in the country of Canada.
792 90K
  • 792
  • 90K


Michigan Lightning Owners Club
623 68.1K
  • 623
  • 68.1K


North East Lightning Owners chapter
132 30.6K
  • 132
  • 30.6K
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